Self Titled / Vanity Press EP


“Detroit based Zach Saginaw aka Shigeto with an eponymous 4 tracker on Vanity Press Records, following up strong EPs and albums over a span of years on Michigan's Ghostly International.

After a career starting in jazz drumming, moving into hip hop instrumentals and now morphing into hybrid live sets and a live ensemble, Shigeto presses pause on the chameleon evolution of his sound over his career and focuses on the dancefloor. With strings, rhodes and piano laced between drum patterns and breaks, this record is underpinned by jazz but rough and ready for the club.” - Vanity Press press release

“Warm and dreamy house with an intermittent but attention-grabbing organ line, taken from Shigeto's jaw-dropping upcoming EP on Vanity Press.” - Resident Advisor, 2019-06-24

Turtle Bugg & Kelsey’s snake, White Boy Rick

“Shigeto makes dance music?,” is, often, the question and sentiment from on-the-deadline reviewers and casual hangers-on. If years of remixing others, and the Frank Omura project weren’t hints at Zachary Shigeto Saginaw’s burgeoning interest to self-actualize in the deep end of house and techno, the point was made on 2017’s full-length The New Monday.

The story behind the Vanity Press EP is simple:

Shigeto / Vanity Press EP was 23 years in the making. During the Summer of 2018, Zach delivered Weighted to Ghostly, and prepared for the Fall 2018 Shigeto Live Ensemble tours around Europe and the US, and developed the tracks that would eventually be released on Vanity Press. The VP EP is something of a companion record to Weighted–both recorded in the span of 6 months: similar drum and synth sounds can be heard on “Jetsettin’” as “Fight Club,”; the jazzy Rhodes chords on “Street Pusher” are reminiscent of “The Line Up.”


“OK what’s up with the B-side?”

“White Boy Rick” aka “Snek” is an adolescent blue-eyed Leucitic Ball Python, owned by Friend-of-PGS, Sublimate’s co-founder & Detroit transplant Turtle Bugg, and his partner Kelsey.

Humor is an essential element in the enjoyment of the human condition.  Old jokes don’t always die.

Humor is an essential element in the enjoyment of the human condition. Old jokes don’t always die.



Shigeto, released on Vanity Press Records on July 26, 2019.

Written and produced by Zachary Shigeto Saginaw
Recorded at the Portage Garage, Hamtramck
Mixed by Christopher Koltay and Zachary Saginaw at High Bias Recordings, Detroit
Photography by LaMar Thompson-Hightower
Recoloring and Design by Vinnie Massimino


A1. Jetsettin’
A2. Pusher
B1. Alley Oop
B2. New Course


VPR-16, 12” vinyl, streaming, WAV/MP3 download


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