The No Better Time Than Now Singles - “Detroit Part 1,” “Ringleader” & “Olivia (Seams Remix)” 


Three singles were released in the promotional campaign for No Better Time Than Now on Ghostly International, receiving unique artwork + catalog numbers.

Detroit Part I (GI-186)

GI-186 - Detroit Part 1.jpg

“The first single from Shigeto's upcoming full length, No Better Time Than Now, out August 19th/20th on Ghostly. “

Released June 17, 2013.

“Following the release of his third full length, No Better Time Than Now, Shigeto revealed a new video this week for the album’s first single, “Detroit Part 1.” From monochrome scenes in a derelict wasteland to bursts of immense liquid-colours, the video leaves a lot to be questioned and a lot to be discovered. Just over a minute in, a trigger is pulled and pupils are dilated, then the pounding hip-hop beat comes in and from there it’s certainly a dream-like journey, you can’t help but get involved in.” - Ghostly blog announcing “Detroit Part 1” video, August, 29, 2013.

Ringleader (GI-188)

GI-188 Shigeto Ringleader.jpg

“The second single from No Better Time Than Now, Shigeto's full length out August 19th/20th on Ghostly International.”

Released June 18, 2013.


Olivia (Seams Remix) (GI-197)

GI-197 Shigeto Olivia Seams Remix.jpg

“"Olivia," one of the more introverted tracks on Shigeto's No Better Time Than Now which was released earlier this year, sees treatment from UK producer Seams.”

Released November 25, 2013.


Photo by Anthony Ciannamea





“Detroit Part 1”
Directed by Rafe Scobey-Thal
Cinematographer: Rafe Scobey-Thal
Editor / Animator / VFX : Anthony Ciannamea

James Tatum
Miigun Rotary
Benjamin Kenjiro Saginaw
Zachary Shigeto Saginaw

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