When first discussing the idea of remaking the Shigeto website, the idea went from a simple refresh to a full-on, comprehensive artist website. Every release with information, even the obscurities – not one of those “thrown together by the record label to promote the latest release”-things, something closer to Depeche Mode’s ‘for fans only’ Archives.

Do people even look at official artist websites anymore? When, for the most part, most official websites for musicians are trash, who would? Next, the existential crisis of spending a lot of time on a project with an unknown audience. Doesn’t every creative project have an unknown audience?, I asked myself, hoping the question would justify an unknown number of hours compiling vast amounts of previously uncompiled, often lost information, into an organized location. When we started Portage Garage Sounds, did we think it would become an internationally-known focal point of our Southwest Detroit-based musical universe? If you’re viewing this page, you’re the target audience of this entire website, thank you for being here.

How does this relate to Textures exactly?

To give some background, when I first discovered Shigeto, around Lineage, I wanted to listen to everything I possibly could. 2011 was the late-period of fan made music blogs, which offered vast amounts of free music of questionable legality. I found Textures, a release with great cover art, and knew nothing about it. The release wasn’t listed on Ghostly’s website, nor Moodgadget’s. For years, I wondered if it was a bootleg. Fast forward to October 2018, around the release of Todd Osborn’s SuperDisc, when I finally thought to ask Zach, about the project.

“Textures? Oh, it was a tour CDR. I think it was technically on Moodgadget.”

Shigeto, circa 2009. Image pulled from Last.fm, credit unknown.

Shigeto, circa 2009. Image pulled from Last.fm, credit unknown.

Shigeto,  DJing at Matthew Dear’s “Bunny” Halloween release show , around the time we were like, “let’s make a super detailed website.” Photo: Vinnie Massimino

Shigeto, DJing at Matthew Dear’s “Bunny” Halloween release show, around the time we were like, “let’s make a super detailed website.” Photo: Vinnie Massimino

No shocking answer, no– “he was a ghost the whole time”–twist. Textures is a compilation record, a tour-only CDR, the type of thing many artists make to sell merch on tour, ripped by a loving fan, uploaded to a music blog, shared online, and downloaded by an unknown number of people.




Textures, early 2009.

Written and produced by Zachary Shigeto Saginaw
Recorded in Ann Arbor

CDR / Download.

01. May
02. Evergreen (Remix) (5:42) Remix, 1:30 longer available mix. Doesn’t have as abrupt of a fade-out.
03. Mois de Mars
04. Polaroid Romance
04. Rising Sun Over Smiling Lovers
05. The Tunnel Is Still There
Not technically a Shigeto track. Remix of Praveen & Benoît’s “The Tunnel Is Still There” as “Shigeto’s Deep Tunnel Diving Remix”
06. Children At Midnight
07. Eternal Life

1-2 available on New Crossings
3-5 available on Table For Two
6 available on Praveen & Benoît’s Songs Spun Simla Remixes (MGT-050)
7 available on Full Circle
8 available on Semi-Circle

Moodgadget / Not On Label (Shigeto-self released), 2009.


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