Spencer & Saginaw - Real Talk

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"You can't stop real shit man 
It's like 
Like these motherfuckers

Everybody tryin to get down bro 

We live in Detroit 
This shit slick is hell 
Everybody wants slick 

When you keep doing something bro 
And you doing it good 
They have no choice but to fuck with it"

Real Talk is the second release from Portage Garage Sounds, the record label launched by Zachary Shigeto Saginaw with his brother, Benjamin Kenjiro Saginaw, and Vinnie Massimino in May, 2017. On August 5, one day after the hotly anticipated release of ZGTO’s A Piece of the Geto, Real Talk débuted at the Ghostly International “Friends of the Ghost” label market in Detroit, unannounced; a wild-card release, the record was the third Shigeto-related vinyl in less than three months.

“Real Talk,” was recorded during the same fruitful period as the sessions that spawned both A Piece of the Geto and The New Monday, originally intentioned to be on one of the albums. Is it an outtake? Not quite– a stand-alone force to be reckoned with: something entirely different, a hot cut combining acid and ambient, written and produced by Zachary Saginaw and Monday Is The New Monday resident Bill Spencer. Two versions of “Real Talk” appear on this EP– an “INSTRMNTL,” as well as the “Talk Mix,” featuring a spoken word narration by Walter Williams, also known as ZelooperZ.


A February afternoon created the B-side, “*b_W (AmbACiD Version).” PGS 001 was sent to mastering, a listening session for the final run order of The New Monday was required, and an idea appeared to create an ambient mix of the last 30 seconds of “Barry White.” A locked groove? A remix? What about an 11 minute ambient mix? A new title? ‘Let’s make the title just-different so maybe the heads notice when The New Monday comes out in the fall’. Sick? Sick.

Bonus knowledge: “*b_W (AmbACiD Version)” was the basis for Shigeto’s contribution to the Red Bull Arts exhibition in::Sequence in collaboration with Cuppetelli and Mendoza; this exhibition was also featured in the ZGTO video for “Unfold.”



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Spencer & Saginaw - Real Talk, released by Portage Garage Sounds on August 17, 2017.

Recorded on West Grand Blvd.
Mixed by Christopher Koltay and Zachary Saginaw at High Bias Recordings, Detroit
Design by Ben Saginaw and Vinnie Massimino
Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann at Complete Mastering


A1. Real Talk (Talk Mix)
B2. *b_W (AmbACiD Version)


01. Real Talk (Talk Mix)
02. Real Talk (INSTRMNTL MIX)
03. *b_W (AmbACiD Version)


PGS 002, Standard edition, 2017-08-05
PGS 002, Streaming/WAV/MP3 download, 2017-08-17

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standard vinyl 2.jpg

PGS 002L, Acid blotter edition, 2017-08-05, limited to 200 units

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The 2019 jazz reinterpretations EP, featuring a new (version) of “*b_W (AmbACiD Version)” as “Divine Family.”

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