New Light


“About a year ago, Shigeto released his debut full length, Full Circle, on Ghostly. Today sees the release of New Light, previously a GMS-exclusive EP. New Light is a collection of five previously unreleased tracks, culled from the last three years, that reside in the softer and more ambient spaces within Shigeto's repertoire.
You can look forward to more new material from Shigeto in early 2012.
Art by: Mike Cina
Ghostly International // Drip FM // 2011”


Photo by Tim Saccenti



New Light, released on Ghostly International’s in November, 2011.

Written and produced by Zachary Shigeto Saginaw
Design and layout by Michael Cina


01. New Light
02. Hear Me Out
03. Lake in View
04. Self Compassion (intro)
05. Self Compassion


GMS-016, Streaming, WAV/MP3 download, November 2011


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