New Crossings


“Zach Saginaw (also Frank Omura) takes low level ambience and pairs it with unusual melodies to fascinating results. Some tracks make you feel like you're in the dead of winter, or that you're somehow calmly hovering over a helicopter propeller.” - Moodgadget press release

New Crossings is a curiosity, was released by Moodgadget the same day as his other project, Frank Omura’s Unshaven Face. If you were to ask me to unfairly compare the two releases, Unshaven Face feels focused, a dedicated effort at making minimal-leaning techno, whereas New Crossings feels like a compilation of five distinct songs.

Similar to 2014’s Intermission, each song on New Crossings represents one hundred possible directions Zach could pursue as Shigeto, showcasing his range production skills and musical ideas. “May” is a field recording-heavy lullaby. “Winter Green” can be likened to mid-90s downtempo IDM Warp (e.g. Boards of Canada). “Evergreen” is a driving, post-Dilla/Dabrye late-00s beat track, a taste of the style cemented on the 2010’s Full Circle. “Helicopter in the Sky” features complex rhythmic programming–ala everyone’s fav Aphex Twin– in a less memorable way that 2018’s “Fight Club.” “New Crossings” is the highlight of the release, a fire track that combines three of the key elements of Shigeto’s output: ambience, beats, vibes. - 2019

Jakub Alexander (Heathered Pearls) on the New Crossings cover art, 2009, via  ISO50

Jakub Alexander (Heathered Pearls) on the New Crossings cover art, 2009, via ISO50




New Crossings, released on Moodgadget on August 13, 2008.
©℗ Moodgadget

Written and produced by Zachary Shigeto Saginaw
Recorded in Ann Arbor

Streaming / Download:

01. May
02. Winter Thaw
03. Evergreen
04. Helicopter in the Sky
05. New Crossings

MGT-22, Streaming/download, August 13, 2008


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