Huron River Drive Remixes


β€œIn the context of Shigeto's Lineage, "Huron River Drive" functions as a respite of sorts, a brief stop on the roadside of a very personal into the past. But as this single release proves, it also stands alone as a pleasantly understated piece of electronic beauty. The track swells slowly from the simple chord sequence of the intro into a lushly textured slice of late-night atmospherics -- with more than a hint of jazz to be found in the brushed percussion and quietly tinkling electronic piano -- and then receding back into the same sequence as the track draws to a close.

The "Huron River Drive" single comes with a selection of remixes, each with its own distinctive character: Evenings' remix bobs along on an understated hip hop beat, while the Sun Hammer remix strips the track down to its bassline and then adds analogue oscillator textures reminiscent of the earliest days of electronic music.

The B-side of the single includes another Lineage tune, entitled "Field Day", to which Braille, aka Praveen Sharma -- one half of acclaimed Brooklyn neo-garage trailblazers Sepalcure -- adds a wistful, nostalgic intro and a house-influenced beat. Sun Glitters' remix of "Lineage" moves in similar territory, integrating vocal samples and a slow, loping kickdrum pattern.

Taken as a whole, the single's an exploration of the possibilities inherent in Shigeto's sound, and serves as a fine introduction to the work of one of Brooklyn's more interesting young producers.”

Photo by Tim Saccenti



Huron River Drive Remixes, released on Ghostly International on July 9, 2012.

Recorded in Greenpoint
Written and produced by Zachary Shigeto Saginaw
Design and layout by Michael Cina


A1. Huron River Drive
A2. Huron River Drive (Evenings Remix)
A3. Huron River Drive (Sun Hammer Remix)
B1. Field Day (Braille Remix)
B2. Lineage (Sun Glitters Remix)


01. Huron River Drive
02. Huron River Drive (Evenings Remix)
03. Huron River Drive (Sun Hammer Remix)
04. Field Day (Braille Remix)
05. Lineage (Sun Glitters Remix)


GI-158, Streaming, WAV/MP3 download
GI-158, Black vinyl, first pressing, 2012-07-09


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