Billowing - Dead In A Ditch


I went to see Fred Thomas perform at Detroit’s UFO Factory on May 19, 2016. Hours earlier I picked up records from Archer Record Pressing, and was excited to share the latest project I was working on. Fred was in the middle of touring for his 2015 record All Are Saved (which Ben made the wonderful cover art for). After the show we were catching up on recent projects, and I mentioned I had just gotten the latest Chambray release from Archer, and he was like, “Oh, you got any on you?” I ran out to my car and grabbed a few. Fred, at the merch table, grabbed three records and handed them to me as a trade. One of them was Billowing’s Dead In A Ditch. Reviewing the credits, I noticed “Shigeto (Drums, Percussion)” listed. “Zach plays on this? Whoa.” “Yeah, it’s a crazy record.” - VM, 2019

From Life Like’s site: Dead In A Ditch is the result of a deep winter night of collective improvisation between rarely-seen Michigan experimental duo Billowing and some long time friends. Playing together in this formation for the first time, the line up of Scott DeRoche on prepared guitar and Fred Thomas on a spectrum of electronics was extended to include saxophonist Daniel Bennett, drummer Shigeto and bassist Tim Flood. While spirits were high and the vibes were good, the energy of the record went in a decidedly bleak direction, choosing to explore coldness and despair through exacting minimalism and restraint. Spacious to the point of static, the group stretches out over fields of tape hiss and gurgling electronic backdrops, lifting out of this specific colorless mood only occasionally as with the drunkenly hopeful stumble of "Overachiever" or the understated take on an electric Miles-styled groove "Corner Dregs".




Dead In A Ditch, released on Life Like on December 8, 2015.
©℗ Life Like

Daniel Bennett – Saxophone
Scott DeRoche – Guitar, electronics
Tim Flood – Bass
Shigeto - Drums, percussion
Fred Thomas - Synths, sampler, processing, tapes
Recorded January 27th, 2015 and edited with no overdubs in Spring 2015
Art & layout by Miles Haney
All songs by Billowing/Flood/Bennett/Shigeto


A1. Glimpse
A2. Grotesque
A3. Overachiever
B1. Never Really Began
B2. Corner Dregs
B3. Social Stigma
B4. Dead In A Ditch


Life Like 95, Black vinyl, first pressing, limited to 200 units, 2015-12-08


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